Repairing your credit before you buy a home –

For those with bad credit, buying a home can feel like an impossibility.

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Good news for frequent credit card users –

People are racking up credit card debt, but at least they appear to be paying it off.

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Men, Women and Debt: Does Gender Matter? –

Not only do men and women seem to hail from different planets, but they approach debt in their own ways, too.

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Dealing with Estate Credit Card Debt –

Losing a loved one is never easy. Surviving family members are left to face grief over their loss and worry about the next steps.

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Stop Fooling Yourself With These 7 Money Traps –

Here are a handful of common psychological traps we may fall into—and how to help outsmart your brain.

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5 Reasons You (And the Rest of Us) Are Probably Broke –

Survey finds that only 39% of respondents have a budget.

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Survey shows need for financial education –

Survey provides a snapshot of the American consumer’s level of knowledge as it relates to financial literacy.